What You Should Know About Louis Chenevert’s Success

Louis Chenevert is an exemplary entrepreneur in Canada. He is credited to the success of two major companies; the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and Golden Sachs.
Chenevert is praised for his goal and focus in putting his employees and customers interest ahead of his. His success story began at the General Motors where he served as the Production General Manager. He has undergone transition in his career to his current role at Goldman Sachs.
Before joining UTC, Louis Chenevert worked at Pratt and Whitney. It is his hard work and patience that saw him rise to be the president of Pratt and Whitney in 1999 where he served for seven years before being elected CEO of UTC in 2006.
While at UTC, Chenevert used his pool of knowledge and experience to ensure the company grew to be better than he found it. This, he did by balancing the customers, stakeholders and shareholders’ interests. It was during Chenevert leadership that the Americans industry leaders such as Zenith and Bethlehem Steel were falling as a result of the recession experienced in America. However, with Chenevert leadership, UTC survived. In fact, it was among the top companies that did not lay off its workers during the oblivion. UTC`s revenues remained at $63 billion and they remained the market leaders in the most innovative aerospace technology within Hartford, Connecticut. It was until September 2015 that he left UTC to Goldman Sachs.
Louis Chenevert started his career at Goldman Sachs as an exclusive advisor in the banking division. While here, his role was to seek growth in the aerospace industry. He helped his fellow entrepreneurs to get opportunities in the aerospace and industrial sector.
In addition to his professional success, Louis Chenevert has won himself several awards including the National Building Museum Honor Award.

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