Talk Fusion Is Showing Associates How To Sell Products At Talk Fusion University

Talk Fusion has grown since its founding in 2007 from one program that could send videos through emails, to an entire multipurpose video chat and presentation suite. But they also make sales through associates who sell the video products either to businesses, non-profit groups or even just to friends and other personal users. Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina is impressed by what his associates have done over the years, but he wants to give newcomers and longtime members alike a crash course on selling these products. That’s why he started Talk Fusion University, a video course series on learning video marketing, and providing new tips on how to reach customers with video.


Bob Reina really didn’t know much about internet video technology or the marketing industry when he got into it, but he believed Talk Fusion would be a success if his focus was on making a product that could genuinely help people and do so through multilevel marketing. Reina was a police officer early on in his career, but he had left that job in the 1990s because his dream was to run his own business and be with his family more. It took several years of being in one multilevel marketing gig after another when many opportunities would eventually fizzle out, but he discovered a need to send videos through emails, and he saw how that could become a business that would always be in demand. So he and Jonathan Chen developed a video email program in 2007, and as sales increased Reina ran with it and formed the Talk Fusion company.


Talk Fusion has used a variety of marketing methods through its associates and sales pages, but a couple years ago they launched a new one through a free trials program. This allows potential customers to try all of their programs completely free for 30 days with no obligation ( Associates who refer a high number of customers to those trials, refer other associates to the program and meet sales quotas can win rewards such as luxury cars and exotic vacations. Associates also are allowed to give one Talk Fusion account to a charity organization of their choice so that the organization can get their story out.