Sahm Adrangi: The Financial Researcher Behind the Globalstar Expos

Being the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management has made Sahm Adrangi and incredibly well-known name in the financial industry. The company was first founded in 2009 and since then has grown to be an incredibly prominent player in the sector. Because of the success that Kerrisdale has witnessed, Sahm Adrangi has managed to gain a brilliant reputation for himself and the work that he does.

When Adrangi first opened Kerrisdale’s doors for business, the company had just $1 million to its name. The company has grown exponentially since then, and today has over $150 million in funds. Sahm Adrangi first made a mark in the financial industry when he decided to expose a number of Chinese companies that were involved with fraudulent transactions. His analysis led to the fall of several well known Chinese corporations such as China Marine, and Lihua International. All of this work was done just one year after he launched Kerrisdale, and put the company on the map.

Today, Adrangi offers a range of services to the company to help corporations and people all over make better decisions about the kind of investments they are making. The organization conducts research and analysis of financial aspects of the companies involved, and publishes these on various prominent financial sites, publications, and also offers them to companies who are on the lookout for financial information and analysis. Sahm Adrangi also regularly shares the knowledge that they come upon on their twitter account to notify the public about different kinds of research that they have come upon.

Sahm Adrangi, being exposed to the financial field since the start of his career, knew that there is a prominent need for good research that is purely based on financial information. Since launching the company, Sahm Adrangi has been able to offer several notable corporations their services in research. One of the main areas that Adrangi has worked with through Kerrisdale is the field of biotechnology. He has also offered his expertise to corporations within the telecom sector. One of the more prominent projects that he took on was to expose, Globalstar, which resulted in him broadcasting the research that he conducted on the live telecast, following which he filed a suit with the FCC against the company.

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