Daniel Mark Harrison, the Trendsetter

Many people get confused by the numerous titles Daniel Mark Harrison holds. This is due to his multifaceted nature. However, for those in the Cryptocurrency industry, he is a household name, as he has invested widely, through his role as a partner in the Monkey Capital. This is a company with the specialty in the decentralization of hedge funds and selling ICO options. Harrison is a popular, successful entrepreneur, media master, and author. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of his family company-Daniel Mark Harrison Co. (DMH&CO).Under his leadership, this company has spread its operations to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

Harrison’s career has spanned for years, and it’s evident through the tremendous performance of the Monkey Capital. He has served in managerial positions and senior manager at the Minisucco Limited. In addition, having studied Administration from the BI Norwegian Business School, and Oxford University has prepared him for the multiple tasks and responsibilities to run the Monkey Capital. Under his stewardship at this company, it has offered exceptional services and projects, to its clients in the cryptocurrency industry.

During his time at Monkey Capital, it has become a trendsetter, receiving reviews from other pacesetters, as a Billion Dollar Baboon revolutionizing the industry. This is after the Monkey Capital made history as the first company to sell ICO options, known as COEVAL, on the Waves Decentralized Exchange. Consequently, the company gained a higher niche as the pioneer, innovator in the industry.

As an author, Harrison has published a book, where he shares his insights as meticulous business acumen, with other investors. The book is titled Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World. It’s a combination of his multiple talents as his journalistic talent is also seen through the appraisal by Azeem Khan. Harrison served as a journalist, at the Motley trick for 6 years. During his term, he made great contributions to stock costs in the US.

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